Luftwaffe photo-documents for WW2 air-raids on Britain

WW2 Luftwaffe bombers over Brighton, Shoreham-by-Sea and Portslade

A 1940s German target identification photo-document for pilots to use in air-raids

To enable Luftwaffe bomber aircrew to identify their targets from the air during the raids on each town or city, their pilots were issued with an A4-size loose-leaf photo-document set containing a map and printed half-tone aerial photograph(s) of the specific area to be attacked.

These documents varied in size for individual towns or cities from single pages, printed both sides, to several pages of photographs. Each image was captioned to assist in navigation, positioning and target identification purposes and the crews were ordered ... "Zum Verbrauch! Mitnahme von Ausschnitten des Bildteiles zum Feindflug gestattet" (To be used! ... take these photographs with you on raids).

An original Luftwaffe Brighton, Shoreham-by-Sea and Portslade set

This WW2 Luftwaffe pilot's set for air-raids on Brighton, Shoreham-by-Sea and Portslade consists of:

A lovely set of Luftwaffe air-raid material of the Brighton area including a map, targets or other features marked in red, 3 double-page panoramic photographs (of Brighton, Portslade, and Shoreham), 2 other full-page and 5 half-page photographs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 2-page panoramic view of Hove of this set has a misaligned row of perforation holes extending across the top of the image covering a very small part of the panorama - a German Luftwaffe production flaw. An image on the reverse side is not affected as the perforations are in the blank margin only. The price has been adjusted downwards accordingly.

Page LS-071

Page LS-072

Page LS-073

Page LS-073a

Page LS-074

Page LS-075

Page LS-076

Page LS-077

Page LS-077a

Page LS-078

Page LS-079

Page LS-080

This original photo-document set has great historical significance both as one of the few surviving German wartme documents planning bombing activity over Britain and as an exceedingly scarce local history item.

£65 including UK postage and insurance (enquire for overseas delivery)

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