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High-resolution (600 dpi) scans of the map and photograph(s) used by Luftwaffe bomber pilots during WW2 air-raids on Gibraltar Point and Skegness

In the early 1940s, the German Luftwaffe planned a bombing campaign against British towns and cities, including Gibraltar Point and Skegness.

To enable Luftwaffe bomber aircrew identify their targets from the air during the raids on each town or city, the pilots and bomb-aimers were issued with a set of a map and half-tone aerial photograph(s) of the area to be attacked.

2 pages (shown below) were issued to bomber aircrew going on missions in the Gibraltar Point area.

Used in air-raids over the target town or city: Every image was captioned to assist in navigation, positioning and target identification purposes during the raids themselves and the photo-document sets were issued to Luftwaffe bomber aircrew with the instructions Zum Verbrauch! Mitnahme von Ausschnitten des Bildteiles zum Feindflug gestattet (To be used! Take these photographs with you on raids).

Originals of these sets are now very rarely found. However, we can supply high-resolution (600 dpi) scans of each page in JPG format at 6 per page for self-printing in any size you want.

High-resolution scans:  This page lists high-resolution scans available as jpgs.

Watermark:  The watermark overlay shown on the images below does not appear on the scans provided.

Watermark overlay not on image provided

Ref: LE-275
Watermark overlay not on image provided

Ref: LE-276

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