- Original WW2 military documents for sale

Unusual WW2 military documents for sale

WW2 military documents on unusual subject areas - good talking points to show friends or simply to have pleasure in owning.

Personnel Anti-bomb Shelters

April 1945 : Two very large bomb shelters (Grossmarkthalle Bunker and Windeckstrasse Bunker) located in Bonn.

German Mountain Engineer Equipment

June 1946 : German wartime specialist engineering equipment (bridges, cable-cars, tramways and the like) used in mountainous and similarly rough terrain.

History of General Automotive Development at the Stuttgart Research Institute

August 1945 : Automobile development work at Stuttgart Research Institute covering the safety, economy, performance and comfort of passenger cars.

Handbook of the Apparatus, Dome

Rare operating instructions for the anti-aircraft gunnery training domes constructed in Britain during WW2.

Grossbritannien und Irland: Funkstellen; Fernsprech und Telegraphennetz

The German early 1940s large double-sided map of Great Britain's radio transmitters stations, telephone and telegraph network.


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