- Original WW2 military documents for sale

Rare WW2 military documents for sale

Opportunities to acquire rare museum-quality WW2 military documents which you are most unlikely to see again.

Sudkuste. Text- und Bildheft mit Kartenlagen

1940/41 : The major August 1940 German Sealion invasion planning document for England's South Coast with the exceedingly rare May 1941 supplementary 18-ft long double sided beach photographic panorama.

Einzelheiten und technische Angaben uber die englischen Befestigungen

August 1940 : 'Details and technical information about the English fortifications', the rarest of the German 'Sealion' invasion documents on Britain's wartime defences.

Aircraft Vibration and Flutter Research in Germany

October 1945 : Developments on aircraft vibration and flutter research by some of the most important aircraft design groups and research centres in Germany

Neuropathology and Neurophysiology, Including Electro-Encephalography, in Wartime Germany

July 1945 : The report by Major Leo Alexander on work done in this area - including aviation medicine - at various German institutes.


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