- Original WW2 military documents for sale

Hard-to-find German and Western Allied forces operational documents

Original WW2 military planning or information documents and publications which you'll seldom find for sale elsewhere

Stadtdurchfahrtplane England (ohne London)

1941 : 'A lovely complete example, with a good provenance, of the WW2 German atlas, intended for invasion purposes, of small-scale 2-colour street plans of 146 British towns and cities.

Behaviour of the Red Army and Soviet Authorities in Polish Territory

1945 : A 72-page duplicated typescript, probably unpublished elsewhere, by Bronislaw Skalak, acting Chairman of the WW2 Polish Government in Exile in London, detailing the treatment by the Red Army of the Polish population.

WW2 Ober-Italien Stadtdurchfahrtplane [Northern Italy town plans]

A nice example of the attractive military atlas of 90 North Italian town plans issued in 1940 by the German Wehrmacht.


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