- Original WW2 military documents for sale

WW2 British intelligence reports you'll rarely see for sale

Seldom found British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (BIOS) military intelligence reports from 1945-46 on German wartime research and technology.

Manufacture and Design of Propellers in Germany

October 1945 : The wartime design and production of marine propellers in Germany.

German Air Foam Fire Fighting Equipment

October 1945 : German wartime and immediate post-war air foam fire fighting equipment.

The Ott Differential Analyser

1946 : An advanced differential analyzer under development and construction by the German firm of A. Ott of Kempten, Bavaria.

Final Report on German Naval Boilers...

1945-46 : German naval boilers with particular reference to design, corrosion and boiler feed water treatment

H. Walter Kommanditgesellschaft, Kiel (materials for bi-fuel rockets)

1945/46 : Work at the forefront of research into solving handling difficulties when using T-Stoff, the primary liquid fuel for rockets.

German Kurskoppler: Model 3040-B, Model 3040-G

July 1945 : The Kurskoppler, an automatic dead reckoning navigational aid designed by the Germans for use in aircraft, 2-man submarines and small boats - a very early development in navigational computing.

Fuel Injection without Injection Pump

December 1945 : The development of fuel injection for high-speed diesel engines, notably by Dr. L'Orange and Hirth Motoren GmbH.

Aircraft Vibration and Flutter Research in Germany

October 1945 : Developments on aircraft vibration and flutter research by some of the most important aircraft design groups and research centres in Germany

German Mountain Engineer Equipment

June 1946 : German wartime specialist engineering equipment (bridges, cable-cars, tramways and the like) used in mountainous and similarly rough terrain.

Developments during the War in Automotive Ignition Particularly by the Firm of Robert Bosch, G.m.b.H. Stuttgart

March 1947 : An examination of German development during the war years in the automotive and aeronautical ignition field.


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