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Seldom found British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (BIOS) military intelligence reports from 1945-46 on German wartime research and technology.

German Air Foam Fire Fighting Equipment
October 1945 : A major 244 page extensively illustrated report on German wartime and immediate post-war air foam fire fighting equipment.

The Ott Differential Analyser
1946 : A report by British Intelligence officers on an advanced differential analyzer under development and construction by the German firm of A. Ott of Kempten, Bavaria.

Final Report on German Naval Boilers...
1945-46 : A major and substantial report on German naval boilers with particular reference to design, corrosion and boiler feed water treatment

H. Walter Kommanditgesellschaft, Kiel (materials for bi-fuel rockets)
1945/46 : Intelligence report by BIOS on work at the forefront of research into solving handling difficulties when using T-Stoff, the primary liquid fuel for rockets.

German Kurskoppler: Model 3040-B, Model 3040-G
July 1945 : A report on the Kurskoppler, an automatic dead reckoning navigational aid designed by the Germans for use in aircraft, 2-man submarines and small boats - a very early development in navigational computing.

Fuel Injection without Injection Pump
December 1945 : 1945 intelligence report on the development of fuel injection for high-speed diesel engines, notably by Dr. L'Orange and Hirth Motoren GmbH.

Aircraft Vibration and Flutter Research in Germany
October 1945 : A review (by the US Naval Technical Mission in Europe, distributed by BIOS) of developments on aircraft vibration and flutter research by some of the most important aircraft design groups and research centres in Germany

German Mountain Engineer Equipment
June 1946 : The major 1946 composite report by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, Washington D.C., on the German wartime specialist engineering equipment (bridges, cable-cars, tramways and the like) used in mountainous and similarly rough terrain.

Developments during the War in Automotive Ignition Particularly by the Firm of Robert Bosch, G.m.b.H. Stuttgart
March 1947 : A report by the Technical Industrial Intelligence Division of the U.S. Department of Commerce examining German development during the war years in the automotive and aeronautical ignition field.

Manufacture and Design of Propellers in Germany
October 1945 : A major report on the wartime design and production of marine propellers in Germany.


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