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Notable WW2 joint British/US military intelligence reports

British and American Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS) military intelligence reports from 1944-45 published by HMSO on German wartime research and technology.

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Notes updated to 10/01/2018 on the wartime and post-war intelligence reports of CIOS and BIOS are available in a free 8-page downloadable PDF file here.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Targets in Northern Germany and Holland

June/July 1945 : Activities at 13 medical sites in Hamburg, Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam, and 15 pharmaceutical targets in Hamburg, Lubeck, Hannover, Braunschweig and Oss.

Plastics and Wooden Parts in German Aircraft

June/July 1945 : Examining some uses for plywood and plastics parts in WW2 German aircraft.

German Facilities for the Production of Centrifugally Cast Gun Tubes

June/July 1945 : During the investigation, following a SHAEF order, it was discovered that Germany had a very considerable centrifugal casting industry.

Robert Bosch GmbH Stuttgart

1945 : The production of aircraft engine generators, regulators and related equipment manufactured by Robert Bosch of Stuttgart.

Administration, Plastics, Production Tooling, Spare Parts and Servicing in German Aircraft Industry

July 1945 : A wide-ranging report with many illustrations.

Robert Bosch and Deckel Co

June 1945 : Various aspects of fuel injection and vehicle electrical equipment, manufacturing and development work conducted at Stuttgart, Munich and elsewhere.

History of General Automotive Development at the Stuttgart Research Institute

August 1945 : Automobile development work at Stuttgart Research Institute covering the safety, economy, performance and comfort of passenger cars.

Caves at Bad Mories [sic = Bas Moriers], near Vaas used for Storage of Peroxide

November 1944 : Storage facilities for fuel for jet aircraft and V2 rockets in caves in France.

Heinkel-Hirth TL Gas Turbine Engine

April 1945 : Experimental engines by Heinkel at Staatliche Salinen, a salt mine at Kochendorf near Friedrichshall.

Physical & Optical Instrument Targets Paris Area

August/September 1944 : Information on 15 separate companies; details of work or business previously done for the enemy, equipment of interest, and manufacturing facilities.

Photographic Lenses and Optical Instruments [in the Paris area]

December 1944 : Information on 17 companies involved in work for the Germans during the occupation on photographic lenses and other small optical instruments.

IG Central Rubber Organisation at Leverkusen

May 1945 : Rubber research in Germany. "The facilities at the Central Laboratories at Leverkusen are probably unequalled elsewhere in the world."

Personnel Anti-bomb Shelters

April 1945 : Two very large bomb shelters (Grossmarkthalle Bunker and Windeckstrasse Bunker) located in Bonn.


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