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Silhouettes of British Aircraft

The [British] Air Ministry: Ministry of Home security

A string-bound tabbed folder holding initially 143 silhouettes of British aircraft in 1940. Some later amendment silhouettes have been loosely inserted.

7 x 5 inches, 18 x 12 cms. Paper wrappers, to cover loose, coming away from spine, but undamaged,

The types of aircraft shown are:

Fighters (9 types)
Bombers (25)
Army Co-operation (2)
Fleet Air Arm (11)
Reconnaissance (11)
Transport, Communications and Training (26)
Experimental (7)
Civil (22)

The volume is a perfect illustration of the fragmentation and unnecessary duplication of competing aircraft designs in the early part of WW2.

Awareness of this failing led to the Ministry of Aircraft Production being established, one of the specialised supply ministries set up by the British Government during World War II.

This new ministry successfully and efficiently rationalised the whole industry in Britain.

Many of the types of aircraft silhouetted here are now but a memory.

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