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Birmingham: Set of 9 German WW2 invasion/occupation large-scale street plans

Generalstab des Heeres [German General Staff]: Berlin, 1941

Following the Battle of Britain in the late summer and autumn of 1940, the Germans postponed their plans for an immediate invasion of Britain along the South Coast.

However, the German High Command continued to put together detailed secret information for any future invasion and occupation of Britain.

Included in these preparations was the German set of 9 large-scale, 1:10000 (about 6 inches to the mile), street plans of Birmingham, each approximately 20 x 28 inches, 51 x 72 cms, folded as issued.

These detailed maps, showing individual buildings and houses, were based on British 1930s Ordnance Survey material, adapted and reprinted in WW2 Berlin for military operational purposes.

Areas of strategic importance, or potential targets for ground or air attack, were identified and marked with coloured symbols with key additional information in German provided in the margins.

In very good unmarked condition, with the slightest touch of wear in some of the folds.

Of immense local interest to the area, these rare street plans were issued in Berlin in 1941/42 in the German's major wartime planning work Militargeographische Einzelangaben uber England (Military/geographical Single Targets across England).

A hard-to-find collector's item, talking point for friends, and museum piece. Supplied with a modern brochure giving more historical information on this fine series of German WW2 military planning documents.



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