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WW2 RESTRICTED report Copy No 234 Doblhoff Jet Propelled Helicopter

CIOS Intelligence Report. XXXI-5. Combined [British/US] Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee (CIOS). August 1945.

** A special report covering the research work conducted by Friederich Doblhoff and associates at Wiener Neustadter Flugzeugwerke from October 1942 to the end of the war on the WNF-342 jet-propelled helicopter.

CIOS 'Black List of targets for urgent investigation' category: Jet propulsion

Duplicated typewritten report in English, 10 x 7.5 inches, 25 x 19 cms. 50 pages, 14 figures and photographs, numerous graphs.

Very good in original stapled card wrappers. Protected in a modern clear archival jacket.

Doblhoff's work was seminal research in helicopter development. The WNF-342 was the first helicopter in the world to take off and land using blade-tip jets to drive the rotor,

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