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Sudkuste. Text- und Bildheft mit Kartenlagen, mit 1. und 2. Nachtrag;15 August 1940. [and, in second volume] 3. Nachtrag zum Text- und Bildheft

Generalstab des Heeres [German General Staff]: Berlin: [Department for War Maps and Surveying], 1940/41.

2 volumes. 6 inches x 8.5 inches (15 cms x 21 cms).

Two extraordinary WW2 German invasion volumes:

The first of 446+32+16 pages of hundreds of half-tone photographs, printed both sides, of coastal towns and locations on Britain's South coast plus 50 maps annotated with landing conditions (flat coast, steep coast, cliffs, beaches, etc). This volume is complete, containing as it does the final corrections made up until the 29th August 1940;

The second supplementary volume is the exceedingly rare approximately 5.25 metres, 18 feet, long, continuous two-sided strip set, effectively panoramic, of 104 beach photographs along about 200 kilometres, 125 miles, of England's vulnerable south coast. This volume was issued with an accompanying key map in May 1941 as an important supplement to the main work.

Both volumes in very good condition, stapled as issued in original slightly faded green wrappers.

This extensive set of photographs and maps was issued in Berlin in 1940/1941 as a major part of Militargeographische Angaben uber England (effectively translating as Military/geographical Report on England) by Abteilung fur Kriegskarten und Vermessungswesen (Department for War Maps and Surveying), and was intended Nur fur den Dienstgebrauch! (For official use only) by the Generalstab des Heeres (German General Staff).

The work was first prepared in the early months of 1940, and Abgeschlossen am 15. August 1940 (Corrected to 15 August 1940, with subsequent corrections 28 and 29 August 1940), to be used in the planning and execution of Unternehmen Seelowe (Operation Sealion), the intended invasion of England in late 1940 by large-scale troop landings along the English South Coast, and was issued for the use of high ranking military planners, officers and their staff within the top echelons of the German war machine in Berlin, and for use also by field commanders. The original single volume work was then augmented in May 1941 with the issue for the first time of the beach and coastal strip photograph volume.

Although the 1940 volume in its first issue of 15 August of that year is well documented, albeit with examples now difficult to find in nice condition, few modern day collectors know of the existence of this augmented 2-volume set; fewer still own one. A search through library records worldwide for the title of this supplementary "Littlehampton bis Margate" volume finds mention of but two holdings.



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